[Distutils] Is there an official stable release of setuptools?

Dave Peterson dpeterson at enthought.com
Wed Jul 18 22:44:01 CEST 2007


Is there a blessed-as-stable, official, release of setuptools?    
Perhaps it's just me but a version number of the form '0.6c6' or '0.7a1' 
just doesn't seem like the developers think it is stable yet, even if it 
is being widely used. :-)

The reason I'm asking is that there is some debate going on at Enthought 
about whether we should make available an egg of setuptools in our 
'stable' egg repository.  My personal opinion is that we shouldn't be 
publishing binaries of sources and calling them 'stable' unless the 
developers of that source have said 'this version is stable' in some 
form.  Said with a bit more detail, I think for us to call something 
stable, we need to start with stable source and then do testing to 
verify that our builds are being done correctly.  So, I'd want someone 
to say publicly that 0.6c6 (or whatever version) is a stable release of 
the source before we say our build of that should go in our stable 

However, there are others who think 'stable' just means that we've 
found, in our own testing, that things generally work as advertised and 
that really, our build process is building correctly.  (I may be 
paraphrasing incorrectly, but since other Enthought-ers read this list, 
I'll trust them to correct me!)  This would mean that we could put a 
binary of setuptools 0.7a1 up in our stable repo.

Any thoughts?

-- Dave

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