[Distutils] distutils.util.get_platform() for Windows

Dave Peterson dpeterson at enthought.com
Mon Jul 23 05:59:00 CEST 2007

Mark Hammond wrote:
> A good value for 'architecture' isn't clear.  Either 'AMD' or 'Itanium'
> appeals at first glance, but I'm a little concerned that (say) a "casual"
> user with a new Intel Core Duo processor will not know they should use
> something labelled as "AMD" (eg, "I explicitly asked for an Intel chip, not
> an AMD one").  An alternative could be be 'x64' or 'i64', but I'm not sure
> that casual user would be any better off, and with only a single letter
> distinguishing them, there is scope for confusion.  On my final (mutant)
> hand, it seems that Itanium will be a historical footnote and demand for
> Itanium 64bit packages will be tiny (I've had a reasonable number of
> requests for x64 versions of pywin32, but zero for i64), so I doubt many
> packages will bother with Itanium.
> So, I'm leaning towards 'win64-x64' and 'win64-i64', with the expectation
> that the 'i64' variant will be rarely seen in the wild.  Alternatively,
> 'win-x64' and 'win-i64' appear reasonable - it doesn't seem necessary that
> '64' appear twice in the name.

I could be mistaken, but I believe the standard abbreviations for these 
architectures are 'x86_64' (intel/amd chipset) and 'ia64' (itanium) -- 
see the first two paragraphs of the wikipedia article on Itanium for an 

So how about something like:

-- Dave

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