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Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 01:34:00 CEST 2007

Stanley A. Klein wrote:

> Robert -
> Thanks for illuminating the issue.
> The problem I had was as follows.  Fedora (also RedHat) uses SE-Linux,
> which needs to know all the files expected to be in sensitive directories
> such as the Python site-packages.  This includes the pyc and pyo files
> ordinarily generated by Python as the .py files are executed.
> It turns out that to do a bdist_rpm for Fedora, it is necessary to create
> a setup.cfg file containing the lines:
> [install]
> optimize = 1
> or to add these lines to the existing setup.cfg file.
> If that is not done, the result in Fedora is an unpackaged files error. 
> This is due to the fact that if distutils/setuptools doesn't cause the pyc
> and pyo files to be created, Fedora will create them but they won't be
> properly handled in the spec file created by distutils/setuptools.
> In trying to do bdist_rpm with kiva, I got the unpackaged files error. 
> This implies that numpy distutils did not properly handle the optimize=1
> in the setup.cfg (when I did "python setup.py bdist_rpm").  That's when I
> went to the workaround that resulted in this thread.
> I hope this clarifies the problem.

Not quite. I don't know what "the unpackaged files error" looks like. Can you
try Phillip's suggestion using --root and --record and show us the results? Did
you run "python setup.py build" before "python setup.py bdist_rpm"? We've often
seen problems with the dependency-handling between distutils commands.

Robert Kern

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