[Distutils] Newbie questions about setuptools

Edward Ream edreamleo at charter.net
Tue Jun 19 20:56:09 CEST 2007

Many thanks, Phillip, for your quick and generous response.

> Eggs are a binary distribution format, originally developed to support 
> user-installed plugins for systems like Chandler, Zope, etc.  They aren't 
> a source distribution format;  sdist works well enough for that and for 
> easy_install if you have a pure-Python package (or your users have C 
> compilers).

Oh joy.  sdist is working fine--Leo is indeed a pure python program.

>  I'd suggest using the --show-response option so you can see what's 
> happening.

Will do, assuming there is still a problem with uploading the .zip file.

>  here's the output from my attempt at downloading from the SF page:
> $ easy_install -nvf 
> http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=3458 leo

Excellent.  I'll try again with the options you show.

> Setuptools is currently at 0.6c6.  There are a handful of known  issues 
> and quirks remaining, but it is otherwise pretty darn stable.

I'll consign the referenced post to the dustbin of history :-)

Thanks again.  I have lots of hope now.

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