[Distutils] Using setuptools entry points at Google (and other places...)

primco primco at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 07:06:13 CEST 2007

Phillip J. Eby wrote:
> At 11:24 PM 6/25/2007 -0700, primco wrote:
>>Phillip J. Eby wrote:
>> >
>> > At 05:45 PM 6/25/2007 -0700, Ben Bangert wrote:
>> >>Disclaimer: I don't work at Google, just talk to people who do.
>> >>
>> >>I know some people at Google that would like to use Pylons there,
>> >>unfortunately this isn't quite possible as several parts of Pylons
>> >>require setuptools entry points. While setuptools can be installed,
>> >>due to Google's packaging system the run-time setuptools environment
>> >>has no entry points present, thus it falls down. I'm not sure how
>> >>many other companies might also have their own packaging systems that
>> >>also incur this problem, but I'm wondering if this can be remedied
>> >>somehow.
>> >
>> > Just make sure that packages' .egg-info directory is installed
>> > alongside the code; setuptools will do the rest.  See also:
>> >

Thanks for the answers. That's what my messing around told me but I wanted
to check.

On a related note, and to finish of the dismantling of setuptools package
management, how do I give the setuptools package itself this treatment? 

Some of the things I'd like to do:
not use any .pth files for any packages
not change site.py or sys.path (PYTHONPATH is ok) at runtime 
Avoid the included site.py that is generated by installing setuptools itself
as single version externally managed. It has a "__boot()" function that does
some path management. 

What I've done is "setup.py install --root..." setuptools from the source.
This made a site.py for me which I just left out of site-packages and it all
seems to work. I was able to run Pylons (a pretty good setuptools workout I
think) with all dependencies installed in the same unmanaged manner. Did I
just get lucky or should I assume that I've safely disabled the package
management features of setuptools while still keeping some dynamic things
like entrypoints and find_packages working?


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