[Distutils] upgrade functionality

Rick Ratzel rlratzel at enthought.com
Sat Jun 30 18:35:52 CEST 2007

>    Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 09:22:32 -0300
>    From: Flavio Codeco Coelho <fccoelho at fiocruz.br>
>    Hello,
>    Does setuptools have any mechanism for upgrading all packages installed
>    with easy_install? Something similar to an "apt-get upgrade"?
>    I have dozens of packages that have been installed with easy_install, to
>    the point that I can't even recall the whole list. I worry that they are
>    getting outdated...
>    Naturally, the packages I Use more often get upgrade as I see fit but
>    the others...
>    Thanks,
>    Fl=E1vio

   With Enthought's Enstaller, you do the equivalent of "apt-get upgrade" by
passing no args to -U:

enstaller -U

   You can also list if there are upgrades available without installing them
with -u (lowercase), and simply list what you have installed, the location, and
if they're "active" or not with -l.

   Here's some additional documentation from the Enstaller wiki page, if you're


   Because Enstaller also includes a fairly platform-specific GUI, only Windows
XP and RedHat 3 64-bit are available at the moment.  I will be making a change
to the setup script so we can deploy only the command-line version for the
remaining platforms while we port the GUI to those platforms.

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