[Distutils] restructured text formatting not present in generated MS Windows binary installer

Thomas Heller theller at ctypes.org
Fri Mar 16 15:46:36 CET 2007

[Add CC to distutils-sig again]
>> Jim Vickroy schrieb:
>>> Hello,
>>> I have been unsuccessful in using restructured text formatting tags in 
>>> the long_description parameter for the distutils.core.setup function.
>>> When the attached "setup" script (see GOES-13-SXI-processor-installer.py 
>>> attachment) is run from the command line as:
>>>  > GOES-13-SXI-processor-installer.py clean bdist_wininst --title="FITS 
>>> Images Processor" --bitmap=GOES-13-SXI-Processor.bmp
>>> the first panel of the generated win32 installer has no boldface text 
>>> (see installer.png attachment)
>>> When I feed the long_description text to docutils/tools/rst2html.py, the 
>>> generated html is as expected.

Jim Vickroy schrieb:
> Thanks much, Thomas.
> I think this piece of wisdom would be useful to add to the distutils 
> document, or is that limitation obvious to everyone but me?

Well, you're the first one to ask this question ;-).  I have no idea where
you got the impression from that using rest in the long_description should
give visual markup in the bdist_wininst installer.  Maybe that would be the
place where a hint like 'distutils does not interpret rest' would be usefull.


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