[Distutils] import problem using setuptools (resend without html)

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Tue May 15 17:15:15 CEST 2007

At 01:31 PM 5/15/2007 +0200, henk-jan ebbers wrote:
>I am using setuptools to creat a windows installer (using python
>setup.py bdist --format=wininst).
>setuptools creates a 'entry point', so it generates a .exe in the
>Scripts directory (this exe calls start.py)
>     start.py
>     b.py
>     /lib/
>        __init__.py
>        c.py
>start.py imports b.py (which has a global that is initialised)
>then start.py imports c.py
>c.py imports start.py (as far as I know this is not a circular import,
>because I am using only 'import xx', not 'from xx import ..')
>when running start.py directly (as 'python start.py') everything goes OK.

Are these the *actual* names of your files and directories?  Please 
repost using actual real real names and paths, if not.

If these *are* the actual names of the files and directories, the 
problem is that you are using an out-of-date version of setuptools 
that doesn't put "-script" in the filenames of scripts to be run using an .exe.

That, and there is probably also something terribly wrong with your setup.py.

However, if the above are *not* the real names of the files and 
directories involved, please repost and provide them, because it 
might be something else altogether.

>I also noticed that, when creating and installing a windwos instaler,
>the easy-install.pth does not get an entry for my application. Is this

Yes.  When you create "bdist_wininst", "bdist_msi", or "bdist_rpm" 
(or indeed most any "bdist" except bdist_egg), you should get a 
package layout identical to that produced by normal distutils, but 
with the addition of an .egg-info directory alongside the 
package.  This layout doesn't require any .pth files.

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