[Distutils] httplib.py chunked Transfer-Encoding bug

Ben Hoyt benhoyt at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 04:32:55 CET 2007

Hi Greg,

I just ran into that bug in httplib.py when a server sends bad input using
chunked Transfer-Encoding, and noticed there's already an exact issue for
that, and that you've made a patch:

I don't know anything about Python bug reporting and when/how such things
get included in the main Python branch, but I'm curious as to why your patch
(or something like it) hasn't been included yet.

At present I'm fixing it in my code with a sys.exc_info() hack to make sure
the ValueError's coming from _read_chunked(), otherwise re-raising. :-)


Ben Hoyt, http://benhoyt.com/
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