[Distutils] easy_install prefering filename over #egg

Ian Bicking ianb at openplans.org
Mon Nov 19 19:15:39 CET 2007

We've been building some custom eggs for the lxml trunk and we uploaded 
the packages to our wiki, which replaced the .'s with -'s.  This messed 
up the filenames, so we added #egg in an effort to correct that:


But it seems that easy_install prefers the base name, not the fragment, 
and so it parsed this as an lxml 2 egg, with 0alpha5blahblahblah as the 
platform(?)... I'm not sure exactly how it parsed it, but it got it wrong.

It seems like easy_install should prefer fragments over the filename 
itself, as the fragments will only be there if someone deliberately adds 


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