[Distutils] bdist_wininst TypeError

Mike kyosohma at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 00:28:50 CEST 2007


On 10/7/07, Phillip J. Eby <pje at telecommunity.com> wrote:
> At 05:01 PM 10/7/2007 -0500, Mike wrote:
> >Ok. I uninstalled everything related to Python including my ctypes and
> >wxPython installations. I reinstalled Python 2.4.3 and setuptools
> >0.6c7. It still gives me the TypeError as before.
> >
> >Also, now it won't recognize "python" as a command name. While I can
> >start python's command line terminal by going to Start, Run, and
> >typing "python", if I open a command window and type the following:
> >
> >python setup.py bdist_wininst
> >
> >I get
> >
> >'python' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
> >operable program or batch file.
> >
> >Unless I actually type out the path to the python executable. Maybe
> >there's something wrong with the PyCrypto module itself.
> It works fine for me.  What's appears to be wrong is that you have
> (or had) more than one Python installation, and I suspect the one you
> uninstalled was not the one that you were using.
> >  I don't know.
> >I guess I'll post this to the c.l.py group too.
> I wouldn't bother until you find out what other Python(s) are
> installed on your system and get clear about which ones you're
> running.  I tried installing PyCrypto from the same page you spoke
> of, and it worked fine for me using Python 2.4 on Windows.

I got it to work just now. I deleted the PyCrypto folder I had and
unzipped it again. I had been told that one needed to add the
following line to the setup.py file:

from setuptools import setup

Once I removed that, it worked like a charm. I am an utter fool. I
apologize for taking up so much of your time this weekend. Thanks
again for all your help.


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