[Distutils] easy_install of django sdist tarball omits data files

Graham Carlyle graham.carlyle at maplecroft.net
Tue Oct 23 10:58:08 CEST 2007


I've been trying to install a sdist tarball of a django svn snapshot
using easy_install but some of the packages data files (the admin
contrib app templates) aren't being installed. I've looked at the
easy_install web page and can't see anything that may help me install
these data files.

I'm doing this as part of a deployment script that uses easy_install to
install a web apps dependencies into a particular directory. 

Is this a misuse of easy install? django's setup.py doesn't use
setuptools and so easy_install seems to be creating an sdist_egg on the
fly. I'm working round this by just scripting untarring, & "setup.py
install" etc. directly which is ok but it would be simpler if i could
just call easy_install for all my apps dependencies.


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