[Distutils] patch: Unused import of 'shutil'

Matt Good matt at matt-good.net
Tue Oct 30 17:30:06 CET 2007

On Oct 28, 2007, at 7:39 PM, Ben Finney wrote:

> The latter is due to 'pyflakes' not handling an ImportError-based
> import fallback, as documented in ticket 1499 in the pyflakes Trac
> <URL:http://divmod.org/trac/ticket/1499>.

Heh, I had forgotten about that bug since it's been a year since I  
submitted it and now I hear about it twice in a week.  A coworker  
just emailed me to see if I was the "matt_good" that reported it  
since he was having the same problem.

-- Matt

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