[Distutils] setuptools special case Pyrex and break Cython

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Wed Sep 5 19:49:52 CEST 2007

At 08:30 AM 9/5/2007 +0200, Stefan Behnel wrote:
> > Perhaps you'd care to produce a patch to implement that "cleaner step"?
> > It's not at all obvious to me how to do that without introducing
> > instability that would be unsuitable for an 0.6cN release.
>One way of implementing the above change would be to move the replacement code
>into build_ext rather than Extension. Something like the (untested)
>build_ext-patcher.py I attached. Note the type check that tests for build_ext
>being subclassed.

You're illustrating my point.  It's easy to hand-wave about how it 
should be done, but not so easy to actually *do*.  Did you look at 
where all the .sources attribute gets used?  How the build_ext 
command can get called by other commands?

You're also ignoring my larger point: the current mechanism allows 
you to write setup scripts that *don't* need to subclass 
build_ext.  A setuptools-based setup script just refers to '.pyx' 
files, and everything else happens automatically.

And if you need to be able to distinguish between Cython-specific and 
Pyrex-specific files, why are you using the same file extension?

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