[Distutils] What is the legal status of virtual-python.py

Ignas Mikalajunas ignas.mikalajunas at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 19:33:47 CEST 2007

 Hello, I would like to reuse pieces of code from
in my "personal" edition of zc.buildout's bootstrap.py  (i actually
did that already). So running "python bootstrap.py" creates a virtual
python in the same directory, and uses that virtual (clean) python to
bootstrap zc.buildout. So i could use system python, and at the same
time avoid bugs related with linux distribution installed packages
conflicting with zc.buildout.

All is nice, but now i have no idea what the legal status of this
newly created bootstrap.py is. I mean it contains code that is under
ZPL (original bootstrap.py), and code that has no license at all and
was worked on by at least 2 authors - Phillip Eby and Ian Bicking.

Can I even use/distribute the newly created bootstrap.py?

Ignas Mikalajūas

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