[Distutils] install_recommends proposal

Michael Hoffman b3i4old02 at sneakemail.com
Wed Sep 26 21:25:28 CEST 2007

Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Hi there,
> Currently setup.py allows install_requires to specify the dependencies, 
> possibly including exact version numbers of a package.
> It is however beneficial to only specify the *minimum* of expected 
> requirements in there, to retain maximum flexibility of use. This means 
> you'd typically say:
>    install_requires = [
>       'foo',
>       'bar >= 1.3',
>    ]
> if you know you need some version of foo, and at least version 1.3 of 
> your package. This allows developers who use your package to choose 
> themselves which version of foo and bar they want to use, without 
> getting version conflicts as long as you stay within the stated constraints.

Can't you use the extras_require feature for this?

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