[Distutils] Problem using ETSProjectTools rpms

Stanley A. Klein sklein at cpcug.org
Fri Aug 8 21:29:29 CEST 2008

I downloaded ETSProjectTools and used "python setup.py bdist_rpm" to build
the rpms.  I did this on both Fedora 7 and Centos 5.2.

In both cases I had the rpm for python-configobj installed.

I don't know why, but during the builds the setup went out to the net to
find configobj.  It found it (although I don't know what it did with it)
and the builds completed properly.  (The setup.cfg had the proper
statements in it for doing bdist_rpm and putting files in the right
places, including docs.)

However, after I installed (using rpm) and went to run ets, I got a
traceback complaining about not being able to find configobj.

I was able to fix it by going into the egg-info directory and editing
requires.txt to comment out configobj.

I don't know if this is a problem in the ETS setup.py or the
distutils/setuptools, but there ought to be a way to fix it without having
to hack the files in the egg-info directory.  Either whatever is doing the
"requires" function ought to be able to see that configobj.py was sitting
right there in site-packages or there ought to be a way to tell the
setup.py call to ignore the "requires" functionality for configobj.

Stan Klein

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