[Distutils] Distutils / Setuptools on Windows: Can we use local or UNC filesystems as an argument to --find-links

Fadhley Salim fadhley.salim at uk.calyon.com
Tue Aug 12 16:46:49 CEST 2008

A project I'm working on requires a Python egg to be deployed to a
remote location which (because of a security configuration outside my
control) denies users access to the web-servers we use to load eggs from
the office I work. 

I've determined that the security at this location allows users access
to Windows networked file-systems. It has been proposed that rather than
creating a web-repository for python eggs we store these on a local
file-server. But from what I can tell the easy_install utility can ONLY
load it's eggs from web-servers. 

Has anybody had any luck using the --find_options argument to
easy_install with a local folder (e.g. on a Windows C: Drive) or a
network folder, for example 

easy_install --find-links="http://server/egs" myegg==1.0.1 
( that sort of thing works fine )

but what about: 
easy_install --find-links="c:\myeggs\" myegg==1.0.1 

or even: 
easy_install --find-links="file:///c:/myeggs" myegg==1.01 

and with a UNC path:
easy_install --find-links="file://///myserver/webapps/eggs/" myegg==1.01

If (as I suspect) easy_install cannot support anything other than a
direct-http set-up is there a way for me to simply modify the code for
easy_install to do this? Furthermore, since we like to be up to date I
dont want to run a permanently forked version of setuptools - can we
submit any changes back to the project so we do not have to be
permanently forked?

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