[Distutils] Distutils / Setuptools on Windows: Can we use local or UNC filesystems as an argument to --find-links

Fadhley Salim fadhley.salim at uk.calyon.com
Wed Aug 13 10:30:38 CEST 2008

Silly, silly me!

Yes, on the occasion that I cut & pasted I got the command-line argument
name wrong. 

Even correcting that command-line the feature still does not seem to
work as expected on Windows. Would you be able to provide an example
syntax that works on this platform? Has anybody been able to confirm
that this feature works on Windows? Ideally I'd like to be able to use
both a local folder and also a netowrk folder specified by UNC path. 

Since I was having no luck with the command-line option I've been
experimenting with the config file:

find_links=<space seperated list of links>

This works just fine every time I specify a web-url, but seems to fail
every time I specify anything else. That is entirely consistent with the
command-line behavior.  

I'm quite confused as to how I should correctly specify non-web URLs,
the documentation makes no mention of the right way to do it:

* Should paths be escaped or not? (I think no)
* Should paths have trailing slashes? (Phillip says no)
* UNIX "/" or Windows "\" style slashes?
* Use "file:" at the begining?

Thanks everybody!

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At 06:23 PM 8/12/2008 +0100, Fadhley Salim wrote:
>Thanks for your help - still no go!
>Any time I give it a web URL (e.g. http://something) it works fine. If 
>I give it something else, it seems to get confused - there's no 
>evidence that it's even looking at my folder.
>I'm trying to do something like this:
>easy_install -m calyon-tools==1.0-r2008-0630-trunk-3968

There is no such option as "--find-packages"; it's "-f" or
"--find-links".  Also, you should not include a trailing '/' or '\' 
when specifying file paths.

If you want to check whether a directory is being processed, increase
the verbosity of setuptools output to at least '-vv'; then you should
see a series of "Found:" lines appear listing the contents of the target

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