[Distutils] Setuptools download cache

David Turner novalis at openplans.org
Wed Aug 20 22:40:12 CEST 2008

Attached is a patch which adds download caching to setuptools.

At TOPP (http://topp.openplans.org/), we use a system called fassembler
to build our opencore stack.  It creates approximately a dozen
virtualenvs, each with their own lib/python, and then uses setuptools to
install lots of libraries.  Some of these libraries are common among
multiple apps, but we install multiple copies for ease of development.
And every time we rebuild, we start the whole process over again.  The
major slowdown in building is downloading a bunch of things which
probably haven't changed since last time we downloaded them.   This
patch will let us maintain a cache of all downloads, and thus do builds
much faster.

Anyway, I hope you'll accept this patch.  
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