[Distutils] [tg-trunk] Re: [ANN] EggFreezer

Dave Peterson dpeterson at enthought.com
Sat Aug 23 01:17:04 CEST 2008

Ian Bicking wrote:
> Alberto Valverde wrote:
>>> Alberto Valverde wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> Reading a comment on the philikon article
>>> (http://philikon.wordpress.com/2008/06/26/is-there-a-point-to-distributing-egg-files/#comment-47), 
>>> I also notice that Enthought has done some work on this, it seems by
>>> fixing up the binary packages at install time.  This seems to be 
>>> related
>>> to an entirely different issue of the location of libraries and binary
>>> incompatibilities, which I only slightly understand.
>> Very interesting... some code doing this is not available anywhere 
>> for me
>> to study/steal, right? :)
> Probably, but you'd have to ask the Enthought guys.

Sorry for the long delay in responding, the SciPy conference and EPD/ETS 
releases have kept me quite busy and I hadn't read this mailing list in 
weeks. :-(

Enthought established a "post install" pattern in some of our egg's 
EGG_INFO dirs so that we could run a tool derived from easy_install that 
would automatically run scripts when the egg was installed or 
uninstalled.   These scripts then run, among other things, chrpath on 
linux, macholib on OS/X, etc to fix up paths to non-pytho libs given the 
user's install location for the egg.  The trouble here is that the users 
of the egg have to use the derived tool rather than the standard one.   
This is fine if you have a closed system, but difficult if you're trying 
to publish eggs to PyPi, etc. for use by the world.

The tool's source is in our OSS repo here:  

I'd recommend asking questions on enthought-dev if you have any 
questions about that code.

-- Dave

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