[Distutils] "test_suite must be a list" ??

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Fri Aug 29 18:12:14 CEST 2008

I got a report from a user that he couldn't install my software  
because he got the error message "test_suite must be a list".

However, the version of setuptools that I have here asserts that  
test_suite must be a string.

He showed me that he has setuptools 0.6c8 installed.

Googling for "test_suite must be a list" suggests that maybe the  
Elisa project released a setuptools plugin to do something for unit  
tests which made that assertion.

I asked the user if he had installed any Elisa packages and he  
thought not.

For the moment, I commented-out the test_suite argument from my call  
to setup() and uploaded an interim version of my software which  
doesn't run its tests when you tell it "./setup.py test".  This is an  
unsatisfying solution.

Does anyone else have any knowledge of this problem?



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