[Distutils] Help with easy_install

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 18:27:26 CET 2008

Martin Manns wrote:
> Phillip J. Eby <pje <at> telecommunity.com> wrote:
>> From reading your setup script, I don't understand why your package 
>> needs a .pth file of its own, let alone why it's writing it directly 
>> in the setup script.  I would expect it to work correctly if you 
>> simply delete that portion of the setup script.  In fact, it works 
>> for me that way.
> Without the .pth file, the libraries in the folder pyspread are not found.
> If I leave it out, the program fails to start (after installation finished 
> successfully).

Rename pyspread.py to something else, then use package imports. E.g.

from pyspread import _widgets
from pyspread._choicebars import MainMenu, MainToolbar
from pyspread._dialogs import MacroDialog, CsvImportDialog, DimensionsEntryDialog, \
from pyspread._interfaces import CsvImport, string_match
from pyspread.config import DEBUG, LIBPREFIX, ICONPREFIX, icon_size

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