[Distutils] [zc.buildout] distutils "scripts" keyword

Pascoe, S (Stephen) stephen.pascoe at stfc.ac.uk
Fri Dec 12 13:34:55 CET 2008

I'm coming across a lot of packages that use the distutils "scripts"
keyword to identify scripts (rather than the console_scripts
entry-point).  Unfortunately these don't work with buildout, although
they are installed with easy_install.
I think this should be a solvable problem with a recipe that extends
zc.recipe.egg.  For instance buildbot creates the "buildbot" script.
When I create a buildout with:
parts = buildbot
recipe = zc.recipe.egg
interpreter = python
I can then run the script with
$ bin/python -c "import pkg_resources;
pkg_resources.working_set.run_script('buildbot', 'buildbot')"
although I can't send it any arguments.  Also the following hand-crafted
script works:
  import sys
  sys.path[0:0] = [
  import pkg_resources
  pkg_resources.working_set.run_script('buildbot', 'buildbot')
Can anyone think of a catch that would make this not work in general?
Stephen Pascoe  +44 (0)1235 445980
British Atmospheric Data Centre
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

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