[Distutils] Compiling with Pyrex

devel at jonasmelian.com devel at jonasmelian.com
Mon Dec 22 10:33:40 CET 2008

When I use the next command in my home system:

  $ python setup.py develop

Pyrex compiles the '.pyx' file without any problem. But after of
uploading it to Pypi, and when is installed via 'easy_install' it
doesn't builds any more. (I had to upload the '.c' file compiled on my

You can see here how has been configured:

and here where I had to add any files:

Note that in the last verion in Pypi I've only one of the next sentences
but I had both ones in anterior revisions.


It download and install Pyrex before of my package, but Pyrex doesn't
compile the file.

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