[Distutils] Bug? zimpimporter putting in a misleading co_filename?

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Tue Dec 23 15:14:25 CET 2008

On Dec 22, 2008, at 20:51 PM, Rocky Bernstein wrote:

> I recently cut over to using distutils to distribute open-source  
> software. distutils decided to create an zipimporter egg. (Well,  
> I'm sure it did what it did for good reason, I just am not all that  
> aware of what I did to cause it too choose that.) When I inspect  
> functions in that egg they seem to have a path that doesn't really  
> exist. Is there something I did to create this improperly or  
> perhaps this just they things are?

This is one of the parts of issue33:


I just added the following comment to that issue ticket:

Suggested workaround for people finding this ticket from a search  
engine query
such as "distutils zip problem":

1.  Put the following in your distutils config file:


Then all packages that you easy_install will be unzipped.

2.  When creating a package for others, pass {{{zip_ok=False}}} to
{{{setup()}}}.  This is a bit nasty, because that flag is really  
supposed to
indicate whether there is something in the package that can't work  
from zip, and
if you set that flag then this abrogrates the user's preference when  
-- there is no way for them to tell easy_install to install the  
package zipped 
in spite of the {{{zip_ok=False}}} flag.  However, I have seen so  
many reports
of problems with zip files, and zero reports of problems with  
unzipped files,
and zero requests for zipped files, so I'm personally comfortable  
{{{zip_ok=False}}} just to help the user avoid the problems.

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