[Distutils] buildout: building shared libraries and using them

Christian Zagrodnick cz at gocept.com
Thu Feb 7 16:30:50 CET 2008

On 2008-02-07 15:49:31 +0100, Christian Zagrodnick <cz at gocept.com> said:

> Hi there,
> we tend to build libxml2, libxslt and lxml in our buildouts together
> (see below for the config). While building works without any problem,
> when we use lxml (in tests for instance) the custom built shared
> libraries are not used but the system libraries.
> The zc.recipe.egg documentation is quite a bit missleading:
>     rpath: A new-line separated list of directories to search for
> dynamic libraries at run time.
> Runtime is apparently referencing the compile time?
> How could we use the built shared libraries? Should the scripts
> buildout creates set those paths?

Right, it seems I was to fast in writing this. Apparently the dynamic 
linking works as one would expect. But lxml calls xslt-config to find 
the library directory. xslt-config is just called from the path which 
is of course the wrong one.

So once I get lxml to do the right thing, we're fine.

Thanks for listening :)
Christian Zagrodnick

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