[Distutils] buildout: bin/test --coverage

Thomas Lotze thomas at thomas-lotze.de
Tue Feb 12 14:28:21 CET 2008

I've noticed a bug which is most probably the fault of
zc.recipe.testrunner, and as I'm not sure where to report bugs against
this buildout recipe, I'll drop a note here.

The problem occurs when checking test coverage using the test runner's
--coverage option. I've run bin/test --coverage on a suite of doc tests,
and it gave me some 70% of coverage for a particular code file. After
adding a test for one of the uncovered pieces of code, I got less than 70%
coverage for the same file, everything else being equal. I found that now,
one method was reported as uncovered that definitely executed in the test
run (as evidenced by putting in a pdb call, for example). I could even
reproduce the behaviour.

Maybe it helps to know that when I asked about it on #zope3-dev, agroszer
noted that the same happened to him, and usually in functional tests.


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