[Distutils] Putting egg-info under version control

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Sun Feb 24 23:48:55 CET 2008


We normally put development eggs under version control while people are 
working on them. However, when they are installed (by buildout, in our 
case, but I assume "python setup.py develop" is similar), a 
<package>.egg-info directory is created.

Putting this under version control seems problematic, because developers 
tend to get conflicts in PKG-INFO and similar files. Thus, I tend to set 
svn ignores on the whole directory. People have to re-do the develop egg 
installation locally anyway.

However, when using Paster with local commands, it writes a 
paster_plugins.txt file to the egg-info which doesn't seem to be 
re-created when I re-run buildout (again, I assume "python setup.py 
develop" would behave in the same way). That means that for Paster local 
commands to continue to work, I have to set ignores on almost everything 
in the egg-info directory, but not that file, which is cumbersome and 
error prone.

Am I missing something here? What's the best strategy for putting 
develop eggs under version control? Is this an issue with Paster or with 
eggs in general? I'm assuming other things that extend the egg-info 
would have similar problems.


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