[Distutils] Putting egg-info under version control

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Sun Feb 24 23:59:07 CET 2008

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Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Hi,
> We normally put development eggs under version control while people are 
> working on them. However, when they are installed (by buildout, in our 
> case, but I assume "python setup.py develop" is similar), a 
> <package>.egg-info directory is created.
> Putting this under version control seems problematic, because developers 
> tend to get conflicts in PKG-INFO and similar files. Thus, I tend to set 
> svn ignores on the whole directory. People have to re-do the develop egg 
> installation locally anyway.
> However, when using Paster with local commands, it writes a 
> paster_plugins.txt file to the egg-info which doesn't seem to be 
> re-created when I re-run buildout (again, I assume "python setup.py 
> develop" would behave in the same way). That means that for Paster local 
> commands to continue to work, I have to set ignores on almost everything 
> in the egg-info directory, but not that file, which is cumbersome and 
> error prone.
> Am I missing something here? What's the best strategy for putting 
> develop eggs under version control? Is this an issue with Paster or with 
> eggs in general? I'm assuming other things that extend the egg-info 
> would have similar problems.

IMNSHO, anything in the .egg-info directory should be considered a
derived file, and therefore NOT placed under version control (we don't
check in .o / .so / .dll files either).  If some tool can't recreate the
files it needs on demand in that directory, that would be a bug in that
tool (or perhaps the mode in which it is invoked).

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