[Distutils] installing scripts into the user's PATH

Dave Peterson dpeterson at enthought.com
Fri Jan 4 00:22:58 CET 2008

Phillip J. Eby wrote:
> At 05:09 PM 1/3/2008 -0200, phil jones wrote:
>> I take it there's nothing in distutils that can actually update the
>> user's OS PATH?
> Nope. 

This may not help in the general case, but if you have a more specific, 
say customer delivery, issue then you might look at Enthought's 
open-source Enstaller app -- which is a wrapper around easy_install. It 
does support running of post-install scripts that do things like this, 
and goes even further on Windows where it can add start menu icons and 
registry entries.

Unfortunately, 'Enstaller' is still somewhat immature and the current 
version is way, way too bloated but we at Enthought are continuing to 
invest in it and we do use it already.

-- Dave

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