[Distutils] setuptools on jython

Philip Jenvey pjenvey at groovie.org
Sat Jan 12 04:57:29 CET 2008

Jython trunk has made a lot of progress on setuptools support. The  
gory details are here:


The final few issues require some changes to setuptools itself:

o usage of os.chmod. most uses are actually wrapped in an os.name ==  
'posix', or except AttributeError checks, but one was missed (Jython  
lacks os.chmod)

o a unit test assumed CPython dict ordering

I've attached a patch against the 0.6 branch for both of these issues.

Though there's one more issue that'll be more difficult to deal with:  
setuptools uses marshal.load to read variables (via co_names and  
co_consts) from a module's bytecode (pyc/o) without importing it.  
Jython and IronPython don't compile to .pyc, nor do their code  
objects support co_names and co_consts, so this isn't portable.

marshal.load is used in a couple places:

o  setuptools.depends.extract_constant, which is only used in  
setuptools by Require.get_version(). I don't know when this is used  
or what it's used for

o to find un-zip_safe variables/calls when a distribution doesn't  
specify zip_safetyness. Probably the easiest way to deal with this is  
to just fallback to zip_safe=False on these platforms

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