[Distutils] Egg depency order

Iwan Vosloo iv at lantic.net
Mon Jan 14 11:40:39 CET 2008

Hi there,

I need to get a list of eggs in 'dependency' order: a list with eggs
(Distribution objects?) which is sorted so that earlier entries will
never depend on entries later in the list. [1]

I spotted the _dep_map attribute on Distribution objects and it seems to
have something like that already.  

Exactly what is in _dep_map? Could I use it to compute what I need?

- Iwan

[1] In fact, this is an intermediary result - I want to compute all the
entry points of a tree of dependencies in such a way that the entry
points of eggs deeper in the tree will always be earlier in the list
than entry points for those shallower in the tree.

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