[Distutils] More re:Craziness in dependency checking of PyXML version

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Tue Jan 15 20:59:42 CET 2008

At 07:11 PM 1/14/2008 -0500, Stanley A. Klein wrote:
>I found a simple fix.  I commented out the following line in setup.py:
>additional_params['install_requires'] = [ "PyXML >= 0.8.3", ]
>That functionality is seriously broken when on an rpm-based system.

How so?  A correct installation of PyXML for Python 2.5 and up should 
include its .egg-info, assuming PyXML is built using the distutils.

If it does not do so, the system Python installation is broken -- and 
that is the case for Fedora version 8.  (Fedora 9 fixed the problem.)

There isn't a lot that developers can do about distributors removing 
files without knowing what those files are for.  (Note that Fedora 8 
specifically *patched the distutils* to prevent .egg-info files from 
being created or installed, thereby creating this problem.)

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