[Distutils] pypi and easy_install

Phillip J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Wed Jan 16 05:17:09 CET 2008

At 04:56 AM 1/16/2008 +0100, Giampaolo Rodola' wrote:
>I'm sorry, just one more question (hopefully).
>I work from Windows and I'd like to generate a gzipped tar file (.tar.gz).
>On documentation I see that:
>"It requires external utilities: tar and possibly one of gzip, bzip2,
>or compress"
>I installed:
>Since apparently there's no way to provide cmd line arguments to tell
>distutils where to find gtar and gzip executables I created two .bat
>files in the setup.py directory pointing to original utility
>executables but after having run setup.py sdist the installation hangs
>on when arrives to run the tar.exe utility.
>Is there an easier way for doing what I want?
>I know that maybe this is more a Windows issue than a distutils issue
>but I find very uncomfortable the way distutils manage such things.
>PS - I've never used it but by reading the documentation it seems that
>the tarfile module would be able to read and write those kind of
>archives. If that is true it would be much easier using that instead
>of relying on third party packages like those ones I've tried.

Unfortunately the distutils.archive_util module was written before 
tarfile was available.

You should only need to have the "tar" and "gzip" executables in a 
directory on your PATH in order to have them work, though.

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