[Distutils] docs on using setuptools in a release cycle with RPMS

Noah Gift noah.gift at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 19:07:46 CET 2008

>> cp script.py build/lib
> Why are you doing these steps?  I don't understand.

In order to create an egg, to my knowledge, you create a build/lib  
directory and place your scripts or library inside, then run setup.py  
bdist_egg.  Those were the steps I took, to successfully create a  
python 2.4 and a python 2.5 egg.

>> Step 3:
>> In current directory run:
>> python2.4 ./setup.py bdist_rpm --binary-only --release=py24 -- 
>> python=/ usr/local/bin/python2.4
>> Step 4:
>> Grab rpm out of newly created dist directory:
>> This process works just fine if I substitute:
>> python2.4 ./setup.py bdist_egg
>> In my setup.py I have an entry point as follows:
>> entry_points="""
>>      [console_scripts]
>>      liten = liten:main
>>      """,
>>      )
> What's the rest of your setup.py?

Here is the rest:

from setuptools import Extension, find_packages, setup

       description='a de-duplication command line tool',
       long_description="This command line tool will examine a file  
system and \
       report back duplicates using a md5 checksum hash algorithm.",
       author='Noah Gift',
       author_email='noah.gift at gmail.com',
       liten = liten:main

>> My guess is that somehow I am not creating the RPM properly, and I
>> need to have a different directly structure then when creating an  
>> egg?
> My guess is that your 'liten' module isn't listed in the py_modules  
> argument to setup().  Is it?

That is correct.  I am able to create eggs with entry points that work  
just fine without specifying my module, but are you saying that in  
order to use the bdist_rpm command that I also need to include:
Of course, I am going to try adding this right now.
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