[Distutils] pypi and easy_install

Giampaolo Rodola' billiejoex at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 22:32:50 CET 2008

I provided a patch for both issues which are now reported on the bug tracker:

2008/1/20, Phillip J. Eby <pje at telecommunity.com>:
> At 09:21 PM 1/19/2008 +0100, Giampaolo Rodola' wrote:
> >As I suspected there's a bug in the current distutils code.
> >Steps to reproduce the problem:
> >
> >1: Run "python setup.py sdist --formats=gztar,tar".
> >2. dist directory now contains "module.gztar" and "module.tar" files
> >as expected.
> >3: Run "python setup.py sdist --formats=tar,gztar".
> >4. dist directory now contains only "module.gztar" file because
> >"module.tar" has been overwritten when archive_util.make_tarball()
> >function was called for the second time.
> >
> >I'll try to fix this while I'm working on the other issue.
> Well, using the integrated compression in the tarfile module would
> certainly fix it for the case where tarfile is being used.  :)  It
> actually seems like a good argument for having tarfile as the primary
> generation method, with spawning as the backup.

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