[Distutils] ImportError running 'test' on namespace package - other package in namespace not found

Jason R. Coombs jaraco at jaraco.com
Mon Jun 30 18:04:40 CEST 2008

	You're right.  I was running the tests on my two Windows Vista
environments, and now I discover the problem only exhibits itself under
Windows.  I expanded the packages to my Ubuntu 8.04 box, and after
installing nose (as you pointed out), the tests also ran (minimally) without

	I then copied the packages to a brand-new Windows Vista install.  I
installed Python 2.5.2, setuptools-0.6c8, and nose 0.10.3.  I then installed
myns.projA using develop, and attempted to run "setup.py test" on
myns.projB, and the error did exhibit itself.  Additionally, I tested the
sample on Windows XP (Python 2.5.2) and it also exhibits the error.

	Thanks to your help, I've further narrowed down the problem.

	I have filed a ticket with the nose tracker:

	Any further suggestions are always appreciated.


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I can't reproduce this using the archive you uploaded.  After running 
develop on projA, I ran test on projB and got an error message about 
nose not being available, so I added tests_require="nose" to projB, 
and then I got a run that said zero tests ran.

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