[Distutils] How we can get rid of eggs for 2.6 and beyond

Stephen Waterbury waterbug at pangalactic.us
Fri Mar 21 16:30:53 CET 2008

Phillip J. Eby wrote:
> ... if tools exist and are distributed for such a [PEP 262] "database", 
> and *everybody* agrees to use it as an officially-blessed standard, 
> then it should be possible for setuptools to co-exist with that 
> framework, and we're all happy campers.

I like this idea and the 3 items proposed to accomplish it.

> 2. Update or replace the implementation as appropriate  ...

After some googling and digging around, I found:


Is that what you meant by "the implementation"?

> Questions, comments...  volunteers?   :)

I'll try to help, if this is agreed to and if I'm able.


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