[Distutils] [issue13] wish: silent mode for bdist_wininst created installers

Kirill Smelkov setuptools at bugs.python.org
Tue May 27 15:33:47 CEST 2008

New submission from Kirill Smelkov <kirr at landau.phys.spbu.ru>:

Recently I've tried to package python software into small in-house win32 
distribution, and I had no luck to get it installing in auto mode.

The problem is that bdist_wininst created installers do not support runtime 
options, and according to source files in PC/bdist_wininst/ there is no way to 
perform auto installation.

This is in contrast to bdist_msi created installers, nsis installers, etc, who 
support one way or the other silent installation.

E.g. for msi installers the following work:

  msiexec /i package.msi /qb

for nsis installers, "/S" option works

  ./package.exe /S

But there is just no way to install bdist_wininst created packages in silent 


So I'd like to join my "+1" to one of the wish from DistUtils20 wiki page:


It would be great if installers generated by bdist_wininst supported a 'silent' 
flag for automated installs. The silent mode would allow the package to be 
installed without user intervention. 
-- Phil Rittenhouse

+1, it would be really handy!

I think it is very inconvenient that default way for creating windows 
installers lacks it.

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title: wish: silent mode for bdist_wininst created installers

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