[Distutils] Availability of setuptools installer for python2.6?

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Tue Oct 7 01:19:54 CEST 2008

On Oct 6, 2008, at 16:43 PM, Robert Kern wrote:
>> This is a really frustrating aspect of setuptools, that pure-Python
>> packages produce version-specific installers.
> .pyc files are minor-version-specific. Eggs contain .pyc files.

That's one of the advantages that .py's have over .pyc's in eggs.   
For example, Tahoe ships a bundled version of the setuptools  
bootstrap egg in which I just manually deleted the .pyc's and renamed  
it from "setuptools-0.6c8-py2.5.egg" to "setuptools-0.6c8.egg":


Perhaps this will cause some problems for us (what are those .exe's  
in there for, anyway?  cli.exe and gui.exe), but it has worked fine  
so far.

See also:

http://allmydata.org/trac/setuptools/ticket/5 # binary eggs should  
come with .py files by default, rather than .pyc files

Note that this URL is to an interim issue tracker that I set up a  
while back, before the official setuptools issue tracker [1] was set  
up.  So don't post any comments to that ticket -- instead if you  
think it is an issue then post a new ticket on the official  
setuptools tracker and/or the new "distribute" project...  Hey!   
Where's the issue tracker for the new "distribute" project?



[1] http://bugs.python.org/setuptools
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