[Distutils] virtualenv + python 2.6 (setuptools 2.6 egg)

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Thu Sep 18 19:27:13 CEST 2008

Brian Clapper wrote:
> Ian,
> Been playing with Python 2.6rc2. Have you tried virtualenv with it? Doesn't
> seem to work for me, since it attempts to download a 2.6 version of the
> setuptools egg, which doesn't exist. I glanced through the virtualenv source
> (in between extreme busy-ness at work), and it looked to me as though
> virtualenv would use a setuptools egg in /path/to/virtualenv.egg/support-files
> if one existed, but that doesn't seem to happen. The EZ_SETUP_PY embedded
> script seems to be the culprit, but I haven't dug into it any deeper than that
> due to work demands.
> It's quite possible I'm just missing something stupid. If so, feel free to
> send me on my way.

Yes, the missing egg is causing the problem.  ez_setup.py doesn't seem 
to use a tarball fallback (I'm not sure why).  Phillip - can there 
either be a 2.6 egg uploaded, or have ez_setup.py install the tarball 
when the egg is missing?

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