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On Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 5:47 PM, Phillip J. Eby <pje at telecommunity.com>wrote:

> My own inclination is that a scalable future for distutils means an
> improved sdist format, the end of setup.py as an command-line interface, and
> community-maintained platform-specific installation tools that process
> source or binary distributions.  Most complaints about distutils (and
> setuptools, for that matter) are focused on installation policy&preference
> issues.  Making it possible and practical for a variety of tools to flourish
> around a standardized format (ala WSGI) seems like the way to go.

> [cut]
> In that sense, "distutils 2" would not be so much a rewrite of the
> distutils, as the separation of them into tools for distributing, and tools
> for installing, where some of the tools for installing may be
> community-maintained.

There's something we could probably take out of distutils really easily :
the register and upload commands.

Those commands work together with a PyPI-like server, and deal with a
.pypirc file. This code is really simple to take off distutils.
What about putting it in a separate package or project ?   (maybe "releaser"
or something)

We could have a separate project that deals with this idea of registering
uploading a package to PyPI or elsewhere, with
a set of scripts distributed with Python maybe.

I can think of many features à la CPAN, to query PyPI repositories through
XML-RPC, like ppmtools, so users can upload
but also browse what is available.

This is probably a project where pyinstaller and/or easy_installer could
live as well: a set of tools to browse, install, register
and upload packages.  Now maybe this is too ambitious, but at least,
separate register and upload from distutils is definitely doable
and not too risky.

I could defenitely write a PEP on that particular part if it sounds good.


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