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Dave Peterson dpeterson at enthought.com
Tue Sep 30 23:57:15 CEST 2008

Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Le mardi 30 septembre 2008 à 15:46 -0500, Dave Peterson a écrit :
>> Josselin Mouette wrote: 
>>> No, please stop here. That’s not OK. If a new version of HardJSON breaks
>>> your application, it is friggin’ broken. If that new version is not
>>> compatible, it should be called HardJSON2, and nothing will break.
>> I disagree with your assertion that the name HAS to imply API
>> compatibility.   There ought to be something that specifies API / ABI
>> compatibility, such as the combination of name and some portion of a
>> version number,  but too many people depend on a name for marketing or
>> other purposes for us to impose that it indicate technical aspects.
> The marketing name does not have to be the same of the name of the
> module you import. The situation where they differ is even quite common.

But we already have a separation between project name and module names 
that are contained within that project.   We don't currently declare 
dependencies on the module names but on the project name.   i.e. a 
dependency on HardJSON > 2.0 does not say anything about what modules 
you're expecting to import or use, only that you expect to use version 2 
of a project called HardJSON.   Were you suggesting that change?

I think the rest of the comments are easily resolved after the above is 

-- Dave

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