[Distutils] Splitting distribute in several distributions

Tarek Ziadé ziade.tarek at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 10:45:04 CEST 2009

2009/8/12 Alex Grönholm <alex.gronholm at nextday.fi>:
> Lennart Regebro kirjoitti:
> 2009/8/12 Sridhar Ratnakumar <SridharR at activestate.com>:
> I am glad that you have started thinking about the module split.
> 1) Why are the distributions named in CamelCase? Why not
> 'distribute.resources' instead of 'DistributeResources' (like, for instance,
> zope.interface instead of ZopeInterface).
> +1 for that.
> Looking at PyPI, there seems to be no clear standard on this, though I would
> say 60% of distribution names are in lower case. Is there a PEP that makes
> any recommendations either way?

I don't think so but when you pip-install or easy-install a package,
PyPI provides
an alias for a lower case version of the name, meaning that these two
lines are equal:

easy_install FooBar == easy_install foobar

The problem is, IIRC, the XML-RPC Apis don't provide this case insensivity.

Last, why would we have a dot (.) in the distribution name ?
Suppose that 'distribute.resources' contains more than the
'distribute.resources' package.

Let's say :

- distribute.resources (package)
- distribute.util (package)
- run_me.py (script)

How would you call in that case the distribution ?

the "one package=one distribution" rule sounds very Java-ish to me.

In the meantime, one may consider that the first namespace is the brand or
the company rather than the packaged namespace it contains.

for the stats at PyPI, when you say 60%, do you count all zope and
Plone distributions (whatever
the namespace is) as a single count ? Because beside them, I don't
think lower, namespaced distribution
names are really frequent. I would tend to think that people use the
name of the project rather
than the namespaces.

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