[Distutils] Splitting distribute in several distributions

Alex Grönholm alex.gronholm at nextday.fi
Wed Aug 12 11:25:49 CEST 2009

Hartmut Goebel kirjoitti:
> Sridhar Ratnakumar schrieb:
>> Note that package_index is not API-friendly. A few violations I can
>> think of: 1) it prints warning messages to stderr without programmer
>> control, 2) throws random network exceptions that should be handled in a
>> custom exception (see the issues I reported in distribute tracker) 3) no
>> ability to control URL types (eg: I want to fetch only
>> tarballs/zipfiles, not svn/hg/etc..) and so on.
> +1
> Also missing:
> 4) No easy way to change priorities for filetypes (eggs are always
> preferred) 5) No easy way to fetch other filetypes (eg. .msi or
> installer-exe, esp. important on Windows) 6) No easy way to change the
> URL-Scanner (if sourceforge changes URLs again)
> When distribute evolves, I may contribute some code / patches for this.
Make sure you add an issue for this in the bug tracker, so it won't be 
forgotten by the time the code gets an overhaul.
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