[Distutils] Static metadata using setup.cfg

P.J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Tue Aug 18 17:08:46 CEST 2009

At 08:08 AM 8/18/2009 +0100, Floris Bruynooghe wrote:
>The benefit is that you allow developers to specify anything possible,
>but still allow package management systems to analyse the
>dependencies and modules etc from static data.  They will recognise
>that something is conditional but are free to do with that knowledge
>they want.

In which case, why not simply have a "configure"-like command that 
generates a fixed set of static metadata?

Or better yet, make it "configure.py" or something like that.  Since 
it is not the old setup.py, it does not have to offer the same 
command line interface or be backward compatible with existing code.

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