[Distutils] virtualenv and buildout integration ?

Yonsy Solis yonsy at aureal.com.pe
Thu Aug 27 02:38:46 CEST 2009

Hi o/

we recently began tu use virtualenv and buildout for development and
deployments in some projects (more one internal effort to convince the
ppl heads to use this for the next projects)

by now i have two ways to work.

1) create a venv and inside this create the buildout dir project.
2) create a venv and in the same venv directory create the buildout

by now i see that maybe the second option is little dangerous but we
dont use an custom interpreter and like we are a django shop, we use
djangorecipe and do bin/django shell (shell_plus with django_extensions)
to have a shell to the project.

by now both options require to do two operations, first create the
venv, activate this and after this create the buildout and run this.

i am thinking about develop an recipe/extension for buildout to:

- create a virtualenv
- activate the venv
- rerun the buildout using the ptyhon venv (bypassing the venv part)

my questions are:

1) someone think and do this first?
2) do you consider this alternative dangerous for some operation?
3) exist any plan for buildout to obtain the same isolation level than
virtualenv ? when ?
4) do you see any other alternative to obtain the same effect (we need
to test apps between python 2.5 and python 2.6, we see than the buildout
dont ignore the global site-package, some dev machines are really messed
in their python interpreters used and the eggs/modules/installed in
their systems, and we love to deploy the apps inside venvs with
mod_wsgi, no more hell with pythonpath)

well that's all by now ^^

Yonsy Solis
Aureal Systems
(mov) 989-124-141
(www) http://www.aureal.com.pe

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