[Distutils] virtualenv and buildout integration ?

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Mon Aug 31 14:29:16 CEST 2009

Gary Poster wrote:
>> Indeed. Sounds great. However, what do you do if the system installed 
>> libraries are the wrong very (eg: the buildout specifies a particular 
>> version, and the one in site-packages isn't it)?
> Using a whitelist in your .cfg,

What does this mean/do/look like?

> some or all of the eggs in site-packages 
> are simply ignored when buildout assembles dependencies (even if they 
> are or claim to be the right versions); and then the eggs that buildout 
> chooses have precedence over site-packages (they come before 
> site-packages in sys.path).

Okay, but what if I don't know (or more accurately: don't want to have 
to care ;-) ) what's in site-packages? What happens if there's no 
whitelist and either buildout can't figure out what version of the 
package is installed or it's the wrong version?


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