[Distutils] question about future pip capabilities

Alex Grönholm alex.gronholm at nextday.fi
Thu Dec 10 19:23:02 CET 2009

10.12.2009 19:18, Darren Dale kirjoitti:
> Hello,
> I apologize for cross-posting. I am working on improving how I
> distribute a few python packages, and in the process I have run into
> some questions that involve easy_install, setuptools/distribute/, pip,
> and the relationships between them.
> I was originally planning on using easy_install to take advantage of
> extras (easy_install foo[bar]) and automatically install dependencies,
> but I just discovered that easy_install does not support
> post-installation routines, which I need in order to add entries to
> the windows start menu. Pip will, I think, support post_installation
> routines if I implement a custom install command and pass it to
> setup(). But pip does not yet support extras or installation from
> windows binary installers, and does not support installation from
> eggs. The pip documentation states:
> * It cannot install from eggs. It only installs from source. (In the
> future it would be good if it could install binaries from Windows .exe
> or .msi -- binary install on other platforms is not a priority.)
> * It doesn't understand Setuptools extras (like package[test]). This
> should be added eventually.
> * It is incompatible with some packages that customize distutils or
> setuptools in their setup.py files.
> * Maybe it doesn't work on Windows. At least, the author doesn't test
> on Windows often.
> Questions concerning pip:
> * Is there a roadmap or timeline concerning installing from windows
> exe or msi files? I didn't see anything at bitbucket.
> * Is there a roadmap or timeline concerning extras? I didn't see
> anything at bitbucket.
> * Could anyone please expand on the comment that pip is incompatible
> with some packages that customize distutils or setuptools in their
> setup.py files, and that it maybe doesn't work on windows?
> Questions concerning Distribute:
> * The documentation states that easy_install will be deprecated, and
> that we should use pip. Isn't this premature, given the current
> discrepancy between the capabilities and platform support of pip and
> easy_install?
The next major distribute release (the one that nixes easy_install) is 
relatively far in the future, and we (well, I at least) expect pip to 
have matured enough by then.
> Questions for pip and Distribute:
> * How closely coupled are these projects?
> * I have a bit of time after hours, how can I help?
> Darren
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